Tailored to your needs

JB Gardens offers specialized fertilization programs to our customers, including both a granular and liquid approach. Unlike many other companies, we don't use large spray trucks that apply the same mix to every property as we know that every yard has different needs.

We work to make sure your yard is receiving the right treatment for its issues.

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Our team provides the best possible service by maintaining safe and environmentally conscious applications of fertilizers and pesticides.

Furthermore, our technicians are able to identify any problems affecting your property and take corrective actions.

Lawn care

• Weekly Mowing
• Fertilizing
• Over-Seeding
• Sod Installation

Yard care

• Leaf Removal
• Weeding/Mulching
• Brush Removal
• Tree Trimming


• Patios
• Driveways
• Ponds
• Sidewalks
• Pavers

• Stacked Stone
• Timber
• Gravel
• Drainage

Fertilization treatments

• Targeted broadleaf weed control
• Crabgrass and pre-emergent weed
  grass control
• Surface insect control
• Balanced slow-release fertilizers
  (granular and liquid)
• Post emergent control of certain annual
  grassy weeds
• Essential micro-nutrient supplement

• Flower planting
• Insect control
• Disease control
• Lawn maintenance
• Irrigation system installation
• Shrub planting
• Lawn fertilization
• Athletic field maintenance

• Field cutting
• Bush hogging
• Golf course maintenance
• Top soil deliveries
• Exterior retaining walls
• French drains